About the Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor Report Series

The Canadian broadcast distribution industry has now transitioned from a primarily analog environment to a digital one. The launch in the late 1990s of new all-digital television distributors in competition with incumbent analog cable operators fuelled the start of the migration to digital. Competition in the digital TV distribution market intensified in the fall of 2001 when the first digital-only specialty television channels hit the air. The launch of more than 50 new “diginets” gave television distributors much-needed additional programming to market their digital TV offerings. Many more diginets have since launched. Digital TV service providers also offer services or features such as HDTV programming, personal video recorders (PVRs) / digital video recorders (DVRs), interactive television services (iTV), video-on-demand (VOD), and subscription VOD (SVOD).

The Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor is a series of quarterly market overview reports prepared by Boon Dog Professional Services that tracks the development of the Canadian digital television subscription market. The report series provides exclusive digital TV subscriber data, including the following:

  1. digital TV subscriber statistics;

  2. digital market share by industry;

  3. digital penetration rates of cablecos;

  4. digital market share of distributors by sector (cable, satellite TV, telcos, and wireless cable);

  5. digital market share of major distributors;

  6. a breakdown of Canadian TV subscribers (analog vs. digital);

  7. digital TV subscriber forecasts;

  8. estimate of households with HDTV boxes/receivers;

  9. estimate of households with PVR/DVR boxes/receivers; and

  10. estimate of VOD-ready households.

The Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor provides an overview of what digital TV offers and what new services have been launched or are on the horizon. The Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor provides insight on the latest services driving adoption of digital TV subscription services, winning strategies, and which players are winning the battle for customers.

Data for the Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor quarterly reports are gathered from the latest quarterly financial results of broadcast distributors, company news releases, and Boon Dog original research including interviews with company and industry executives. Boon Dog’s digital TV subscriber forecasts are based on historical subscriber growth; industry, company or analyst forecasts; and/or Boon Dog original research.

It should be noted that the report series does not include subscriber data from the unlicensed, illegal grey/black satellite TV market.

For more information on the Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor quarterly report series, or to obtain a free sample report or to order the report, please contact Mario Mota at (613) 834-2740 or mota.bdps@rogers.com.

What Some Current and Past Subscribers Are Saying/Have Said About the Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor Report Series

“The Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor is an excellent reference tool for forecasting and modelling. It provides a very comprehensive compilation of information on the state of the Canadian broadcasting distribution environment.”

  1. - Alicia Barin, former Vice-President, Strategic Planning, Astral Television Networks

“An excellent reference to monitor the rollout of advanced products and services by television distributors, such as VOD, DVRs and HDTV.”

  1. - Mark Allen, Former Director, Strategic Analysis, CBC-Radio Canada

“Boon Dog’s the Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor is an excellent research tool to track the growth of digital distribution platforms such as VOD, PVRs, and HDTV by Canadian television distributors. We rely on the report series to develop our business plans and budgets. The Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor is an essential resource and forecasting tool for everyone involved in the Canadian television industry.”

  1. - Dan Loewy, Senior VP, TV and Digital Distribution, Entertainment One

“The Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor report is an integral part of my planning and analysis every quarter, supporting subscriber volumes and financial projections down to the BDU level. I find it particularly useful that it now goes beyond digital household statistics to include estimates of HDTV, VOD-ready, and PVR/DVR households.”

  1. - Alfred Taylor, Finance Director, Marketing and Distribution, Shaw Media

“The Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor is a valuable research tool that we use to help us forecast subscriber growth. It’s an excellent guide to the digital marketplace.” 

  1. - Janice Ward, former Director of Affiliate Marketing and Distribution, CBC Digital Programming and Business Development


Canadian Digital TV Market Monitor